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  • Knife Techniques Videos (DVD) Sampler

    Highlights from this comprehensive instructional tool cover basic to advanced knife techniques. Knife cuts are detailed through step-by-step videos to reinforce learning.

  • Cutting Supremes: Sample Technique Video

    See how each of the 50 knife techniques are demonstrated, with close-ups of proper hand and product placement.

  • Table of Contents Video

    A visual walk-through of the DVD’s table of contents, organized into seven sections and easy-to-search techniques.

  • Online Learner Resources

    Free access included with the companion textbook. Featuring Quick Quizzes, an Illustrated Glossary, Flash Cards, a Media Library, and access to ATPeResources.com. Supports learning and mastery of knife techniques.

  • Online Instructor Resources

    Time saving and value-priced. Fast-track course development, reduce course preparation time, and enhance instructor-led, online, and hybrid course formats. Includes Study Questions, plus exclusive “Techniques Evaluations” (scoring sheets) that cover preparation, techniques, and appearance standards with a scoring measure of 3 (excellent) to 0 (unsatisfactory).


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Knife Techniques Videos (DVD)


  • 3-hours+ of high-quality video
  • Covers basic to advanced knife cuts
  • Image-rich videos support self-paced visual learning


Knife Techniques Videos (DVD) + 50 Effective Knife Techniques (Textbook)


  • Watch, Listen, Read
  • Speed up information retention and knife skills proficiency with practice!
  • Save $10 off the 248-page companion textbook when you purchase the bundle

Online Instructor Resources


  • Topical section and technique instructional plans
  • Over 950 Premium PowerPoint® Presentation slides
  • More than 300 test questions, organized by section
  • 100 Technique Evaluations (score sheets)